Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tap In to Your Inner Artist

The ARTIST!!! Ooo La La..what a seductive word with a large and vast meaning..Tap In To Your Inner Artist.

Guess What?? 

We ALL are Artists, within each and every one of us walking this earth..there is a beautiful song waiting to be sung, masterpeice after masterpiece to be created..a dance that no one else can do, quite like YOU CAN.

Hi, Im Violet Moon..hippy child, artist and mommy :)
I picked up paints and canvases over 4 years ago, not knowing I had any artistic genius see, I was ready to see just what I could really do. For years I sang and danced and have always been incredibly creative. 

One day 4 years ago in las vegas, I started painting and I have not stopped. I love ART and Tapping into your inner Artist is so fulfilling. Here is my favorite online course to get you started in your creative pursuits: HOW To SKETCH !

I also HIGHLY reccomend you checkout : Learn to Draw Caricatures  this is where I zeroed in on the skills I needed to draw amazing people and places. I hope you Enjoy your Journey and Tap Into Your Inner Artist